PiCME at the International Communication Association

The PiCME paper on comparing media systems in the digital age has been accepted at the next conference of the International Communication Association in the Political Communication section, that will take place at the end of May in San Diego (USA). Diego Ceccobelli will present the paper, that proposes to update and expand the classic theoretical framework developed by Hallin and Mancini in 2004 to compare media systems of Western countries. We think that the spread use of ICTs asks for such a revision in order to fully grasp how the political and the media spheres interact in contemporary societies. This is why we expand old variables of the Hallin and Mancini theoretical framework and update it by including two new variables, and their related dimensions.

Moreover, Emiliano Treré will bring PiCME to ICA (International Communication Association) in San Diego, with two contributions. The first one, “Algorithmic ambivalences: the reconfiguration of dissent in datafied environments” will be presented at the ICA pre-conference DATA AND THE FUTURE OF CRITICAL SOCIAL RESEARCH organized by Nick Couldry (London School of Economics) and Andreas Hepp (University of Bremen); the second one, “From digital activism to algorithmic resistance: the promise and peril of dissent in the age of data powerwill be presented within the ICA conference in a panel titled “Communicating Dissent” organized and chaired by Adrienne Russell (University of Denver). Both contributions explore the implications related to the increasing datafication of political participation, and the consequences of algorithmic regimes on unconventional politics. Emiliano Treré will draw on his previous research on Mexican social movements and will compare these findings with new evidence on the Spanish context emerged through research carried out in the context of PiCME that shows the interrelations between citizens’ media imaginaries and practices, and increasingly datafied media systems.

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