PiCME at the University of Bremen to speak about media practices in social movement research

On June the 22nd 2017, Alice Mattoni will present her latest work on social movements and media practices in the framework of the Research Seminar Series of the ZEMKI research centre at the University of Bremen. Her talk will focus on media practices – how activist interact with media at different levels and indifferent ways  – as a theoretical approach that allowed to promote a less media-centric perspective on communication patterns within the social movement milieu. Although the media practice approach proved to be particularly fruitful with this regard, further theoretical thinking and empirical research is needed to fully understand how media practices might sustain, anchor and order the social practices that characterize grassroots political participation. The talk will seek to advance knowledge in this direction by considering the media practices that activists developed in three Southern European countries – Spain, Italy and Greece – in the past decade.

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